Monday, October 26, 2009

Jumped on the Bandwagon!

I have finally decided to get a blog. Since my love of crafts, and sharing them with people, has grown into something bigger than it ever has been, I figured I would get a blog going to hopefully be able to display some items. I am learning as I go, so if you happen upon this and are reading, please be patient :-)

My dog is my love - and she happens to be turning 3 in 2 in honor of her I am posting some of my favorite pics - from way back when until now!

6 weeks old

1st birthday
2nd birthday


  1. Love the puppy pictures! I'm not even a dog person :P Do you make a new costume for your doggy for each birthday?

  2. Yay - Doxie! I LOVE dachshunds! ♥ What a cutie.