Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trying my hand at painting

I have always wished I could paint...but I am not good at it! A few months back a lady asked me to paint a picture for her so she could put it in her office at work. She told me what she wanted and I got to work. Here's the final product:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New coin purses

For christmas I got a couple small purse patterns from my aunt. I decided to spend my summer in Indiana with my sister, so I packed up my car with my suitcase, dog, and of course sewing machine and drove up. Normally I am not too good at following patterns, but I tried these out and fell in love. I made a little coin purse that I use full time. I have actually retired my purse to use this. I like simplicity and I am able to carry all my important cards, my money and coins and it fits in my pocket. So I decided to make some and add them to my etsy store to share with the world.

I'm back!

I have spent all day trying to figure out how to redign my blog and add a new post...and couldn't not figure it out to save my life! then after many frustrating hours, I figured out that I was signed on as my gmail account, but my blog is under my aol account, therefore it showed I had no blog. duh! So I'm good and ready to jump on and try this thing out!